We have a dynamic team of jewellery consultant experts at Jenna Clifford. We asked our team of sales executives and designers a few questions (how did they come to know Jenna, what they do within their roles, why they chose this profession and what they do in their spare time) in order for you to get to know them better.


ANN TOERIEN, Design Consultant

I first met Jenna when I visited Annette at the Morningside studio in 1996. As a design consultant, I am involved in the sale of jewellery from our ready to wear collections, jewellery remodellings and the design of bespoke jewellery for clients looking for something unique. I love working with people, seeing them satisfied with a beautiful purchase. I spend my free time on our farm in the Waterberg, outdoors is where I love to be!


ANNETTE PALFRAMAN, Senior Design Consultant

Jenna and I met close to thirty-five years ago when Jenna was running her own swimming school. Jenna taught my two sons to swim, they were 5 and 8 years of age at the time. As a senior design consultant, I specialise in bespoke creations and remodellings for clients and I also design jewellery for our ready to wear collections. I studied drafting many years ago but never did I dream of working in the jewellery industry. It was Jenna who convinced me that I should consider a career in the jewellery industry when we met. I always loved design and I love meeting and working with people – so this really was the perfect career for me. When I first joined Jenna I worked alongside her as her assistant and a few months into the job Jenna noticed that I had potential. I thank her every day for that insight as I know that this is my perfect career designation. In my free time, I love spending time with my animals, gardening, cooking.


BERNIE BROSKIE, Senior Sales Executive

I had always known about Jenna Clifford, having worked in the jewellery industry for many years. Whilst working at another jeweller in Sandton, I was approached by Jon Kotze to come in for an interview with Jenna Clifford, some might call it chance I like to think of it as destiny – and that’s how I came to work for Jenna Clifford! As a senior sales consultant, I work with ready to wear collections, engagement rings, corporate gifting, remodellings and bespoke designs for clients who want to commission something special. I have a real passion for Jenna’s work and have always loved the fact that we have a very special brand with such unique designs, all driven by a larger than life personality that is found in Jenna! I like to spend my spare time with my precious family and have been known to always have a bottle of bubbly going with customers and friends (in and out of the office!)




I am Jenna’s second daughter. I am a Jewellery Design Consultant, based at our Lynnwood Bridge Boutique. Design and meeting new people are two of my greatest passions. It is so rewarding to create bespoke pieces for unique individuals, and the process of getting to know them and build friendships over many years is so rewarding. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be involved in the family business. Taking after my mother, Jenna, I enjoy the creative side of the business. Working at Jenna Clifford allows me to do what I love, designing and getting to know people. Jewellery purchases are often surrounded by the celebration of special occasions - new marriages, new births, special anniversaries – I like to think that we’re in the business of making people happy with our jewellery and creating jewellery which marks a significant milestone in their lives. I love to cook and eat – I am always on the hunt for a good new coffee spot. On weekends that I’m not working, I enjoy seeing my friends and family. I am also keen on fitness and spend a few hours in the gym every week.



CHERYL WHITLOCK, Senior Design Consultant

Jen and I met long, long ago when we were both still young and gorgeous! Now we are just gorgeous. We met through a mutual friend and she has been a special part of my life ever since. I have the pleasure of being a designer which means that I have the honour of creating unique jewellery pieces for special people, either commissioned pieces or items which I design for the ready to wear collections. Working for Jen offered me the opportunity of combining all the things I love best – a driven, very creative environment, a boss I truly admire and wonderful clients, who love beautiful things. Kuiering around good food with my very dear family and special friends.


Dorota Skitek, Sales Executive

I met Jenna for the first time 8 years ago, when I was offered the opportunity to join JC. I was trained through the JC Academy where I received intense brand and design training. I assist clients to select the perfect jewellery item or assist with designs and provide expert advice on how to best wear jewellery for an elegant look. And of course, we love to gift our clients with a symbolic something.  My belief is that qualifications are not as important as finding yourself in life and doing what you love. People and creativity are my passions so Jenna Clifford was a beautiful fit.  I think customers enjoy my approach to custom designed jewellery. I am very interested in people's stories and like to work their stories, dreams and aspirations into their creations via symbolic motifs. I genuinely love people and getting to know them so I think they sense my excitement when we start to work together. Jenna and I firmly believe that gemstones radiate energy into our lives and so we take great care in choosing gems which will bring the right balance and energy into the lives of our clients.



JON KOTZE, Senior Sales Executive

Jenna and I met at dinner in 1992, Jenna was then dating my brother, Dex. They soon got married and I joined the growing family business in 1993. As a senior sales executive, I am involved in sales of our ready to wear collections, combined with bespoke commissions and remodellings. I also have a passion for diamonds and love to get involved in teaching clients all about diamonds – their grading, colour, cuts and clarity. I also specialise in advising clients on investment diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones and cultured pearls. As a man who loves watches – I also enjoy selling Tag Heuer and Victorinox Swiss Army watches. In my spare time, you will find me gardening, horse riding or taking the JC guard dogs out for their daily exercise. I have a passion for fitness too!


LESLEY MCKNIGHT, Sales Executive

I have known Jenna personally for many years and was further inspired when working with Jenna when presenting the Dream Big trophy to Robin Sharma when he visited South Africa a few years ago. As a Sales Executive, I am involved with all aspects of the brand (design, remodelling, engagement rings) and I also specialise in corporate gifting strategies for corporates looking to make their mark and strategically gift their clients. Why did I choose this profession? My inquisitive nature to understand the in-depth alchemistic primordial gem world thereby empowering all who seek its creative magic. I love reading, walking in nature, deeper learning.


VENESSA MERTZ, Personal Assistant to Annette Palframan

I met Jenna 10 years ago when I came for my first interview as a Personal Assistant for Annette.

As a Personal Assistant to Annette I do all her diary bookings, liaising with clients and complete our client valuations for insurance purposes. I am a people person and like to interact with people and assist where I can. I spend my free time with my family, they are very precious to me. I also enjoy reading in my spare time.


WILMA LOUW, Sales Executive

Ek wou vir die beste top juweliers firma internationaal werk. My leuse is " love, passion, beauty and truth" en dit is waarvoor Jenna my op voorberei het. Jenna as persoon is die beste om voor te werk met n hart vir my vrou wees, en ook n groot hart vir mense, haar werknemers en klante. Jenna en ek deel dieselfde passie wat n eer en voorreg. Ek het n passie en n hartklop vir my kliente en dit is vir my baie belangrik dat hulle my 100% vertrou en dat Ek voldoen aan presies dit wat my kliente wil he. My sterk punt is om opreg te luister en al my klante word vriende wat n seen. Ek verkoop nie net JC Juwele nie Ek verkoop n emosie , met groot liefde en sorg, gee advies aan my klante en ontwerp vir my klante n emosie ring nie net n item nie. 


YANOULA MENIKOU, Senior Sales Executive

I met Jenna when I came for an interview for a position as a sales consultant 10 years ago.  It was a wonderful experience. As a senior sales consultant, I enjoy sitting with our Head Designer to design beautiful jewellery remodellings and bespoke creations for my clients.  I thoroughly enjoy building relationships and interacting with clients, assisting them in choosing pieces by Jenna to beautify their outfits.   I am at my best when serving others and so enjoy the culture of Jenna Clifford as she often said to me in the early days ‘Always only focus on giving your clients the very best service and do so in love Yanoula,  the rest will follow.”  In my spare time I enjoy time with my family as well as baking,  cooking and sharing with others.