Celebrating Women

Women's month is a commemoration of the thousands of brave woman who marched to the union buildings in protest against the extension of pass laws to women. Woman from all walks of life banded together on the 9thof August 1956 to fight for their rights and those of women in the generations to follow. On that day women from all walks of life became equals, united by a common cause. This Month we celebrate the strong, fearless women of South Africa.

Chatting with Dr Judy Dlamini

Equal but Different is an inspiring handbook filled with invaluable advice and wisdom from South African women who have faced the challenges of climbing to leadership positions in this country. This Women's Month we chat to Dr Judy Dlamini, Chair of...



Meet Jenna Clifford – The Woman Behind The Brand

Featured in South Africa Deluxe magazine When I was born, in 1959, the world was a very different place, Barbie was born in the same year. During this time women were limited in their career choices, and most were conditioned to careers...


August Birthstone, the vibrant Peridot

Peridot the gem of light and prosperity takes centre stage as the birthstone for August. Its vast history dates back to ancient times where it got its name as the Gem of the sun. Representing prosperity, passion and optimism this is a must have in your collection of empowering gems.