Remodelling Services


Transform your unworn jewellery to align with your present self. Get in touch with one of our consultants and relish in the limitless possibilities of jewellery design.


Bespoke Services

Unique to you

Let us show you how jewellery can be a true reflection of your soul and spirit with Bespoke by Jenna Clifford.


Jenna Clifford in your Home

Mica Gold Collection

The Jenna Clifford Mica Gold range is the newest addition to the already stunning collection of her products.

All the products in this range is beautifully packaged in a gift box which makes it perfect for gifting.


Jenna Clifford in your Home

Lady Rose Coffee

The story of Coffee Excellence 

A coffee that perfectly captures the balance between aroma and acidity from the highest quality beans sourced from Costa Rica, bringing you the excellence and exclusivity of Jenna Clifford Designs to your cup of coffee.