Brand History

Established in South Africa in 1992, we are a family owned jewellery design company specialising in bespoke commissioned design and remodellings. We began and remain a humble family operation, whereby our founder’s personal approach to jewellery design sets our work and your experience with us apart. Our belief that craftsmanship begins with conversation means that we have always had a deeply personal relationship with our customers, a quality that adds to the uniqueness of every Jenna Clifford piece.

We are one of the few jewellery manufacturers in South Africa who trust only expert local hands to fashion our creations. It is part of our ethos that true objects of unique joy can never be mass-produced and for this reason we limit the production of our designs. Our steadfast...

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Bespoke Creations

We strive to capture an individual’s essence through our custom design service which allows you the opportunity to have something one-of-a-kind made. Always apparent in a Jenna Clifford custom-designed creation, is

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Combining the sentimentality of old world nostalgia with contemporary glamour, our remodelling service is a process of transformation, which enables clients to convert their existing items into reimagined and reinvigorated heirlooms. What is required to start this process is the contribution of the intended jewellery items, which are then redefined into finely crafted showpieces in alignment with the personal specifications of the client.

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